TEXONIR Irrigation and Sewage Systems بهترین لوازم مورد نیاز در صنعت آب و فاضلاب ازشرکت تکسونیر

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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe reticulation systems, meeting the needs of the construction, civil, agricultural (irrigation), industrial and petrochemical industries.

In a world where water is used universally and continuously and because of the benefits it brings to our whole planet, the use of optimal irrigation systems becomes a question of major importance both for increasing the quality and the quantity of agricultural production and for safeguarding the ecosystem. To put this concept into effect, we focus their entire production and commercial activity on products for irrigation and aqueducts.

Thanks to an efficient production network made up of various associated societies and to an extensive commercial organisation, the products and services offered pass through a network reaching up to 50 nations throughout the world. The service also includes a technical guidance from a staff of qualified agronomists who are able to advise clients in all the stages leading up to the realisation of an irrigation system or an industrial plant, made-to-measure to satisfy the client�s individual needs.

Aided by the professionalism and competence of over 100 employees throughout the world, we are a point of reference for growers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in all segments of the market, from agriculture to gardening, from landscaping to aqueduct plants. The passion for water and the continual comparison with major International competitors have all contributed to the growth of our know-how, expressed through the vast range of products and services which are able to totally satisfy our clients� needs in the field of irrigation.

The continual search of innovative technology pushes us to be always adjourned with all the highest international standards of quality in agreement with the criteria set out by ISO 9001. This is demonstrated through the reliability of our products and through the certification we have been awarded worldwide.
در جهانی که آب به عنوان اصلی ترین عامل حیات تمام موجودات می باشد٬ استفاده از سیستم های پایپینگ پاسخ مناسبی برای بالا بردن کیفیت وکمیت آب مصرفی می باشد . بخش های عظیمی از فعالیت های مختلف دنیا به این موضوع اختصاص داده شده و گروه های بزرگی از واحد های صنعتی در حال تولید روزانه با آخرین دانش فنی در جهت تحقق این مهم می باشند.
شرکت تکسونیر سالهاست همراه با پیشگامان این صنعت در جهان توانسته است اقدام به تهیه سبد کاملی از بهترین لوازم مورد نیاز در صنعت آب و فاضلاب کرده و با دارا بودن کادر فنی مجرب ٬ نسبت به طراحی ٬ اجرا و مشاوره در پروژه های این صنعت حضور داشته باشد.
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